Inventive Fingerstyle and a unique post-classical approach.

I'm a self taught musician from Germany, composing and playing original instrumental pieces on both Acoustic Guitar and Piano.

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Background Video by Yuta Seki



The Goblin's Child (Short Film, 2017, JP) Directed by Kouki Okakura (contributing Soundtrack)
NIAGARA (Short Film, 2013, JP) Directed by Chie Hayakawa (Soundtrack)


Piano Sketches / Spark and the Wither (CD, Inpartmaint Inc., 2020, JP)
In Transit (CD, Inpartmaint Inc., 2019, JP)
Outer Limits (CD, Inpartmaint Inc., 2018, JP)
Scenes / Artifacts - Piano Works (CD, Inpartmaint Inc., 2016, JP)
A Path to Open Air / Minute Maps (CD, Inpartmaint Inc., 2014, JP)

Yudai Suzuki - At Studio (CD, Hanauta Studio, 2020, JP)
Beau Paysage - Pinot Noir (CD, Resonance Music, 2015, JP)
Mixtape for Dawn (CD, Your-Mind Bookshop, 2014, KOR)